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At Velocity Karts we have a strong community focus. We have established our track on the east side of the city as a conscious attempt to provide an attraction to an area devastated by the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury Earthquakes.


We are keen to collaborate with other businesses to provide some fun to Cantabrians.  Our "sponsor a school/charity programme" enables a business to sponsor groups coming and experiencing our blokarts.  We will provide our equipment at half the standard rental rate to any school or charity group sponsored by a business. There are many worthy organisations supporting those with illnesses, medical conditions and disabilities.  Our blokarts have the ability to be made into a tandem, enabling a person with an illness or disability to sail with a colleague , friend or family member in the same kart.  Experience the pleasure of sharing the exhileration of being powered along by the wind with someone who has never had such an experience.  Do you know a business that would like to sponsor a charity or disadvantaged group to experience sailing a blokart?


Velocity Karts is proud to announce our first partnership with Caltex Dyers Rd. Together we enabled 20 people from Canteen to visit our track and experience the thrill of blokart sailing. Caltex Dyers Rd and Velocity Karts have also joined forces to sponsor a group of 15 students from Bromley School to enjoy a session at our track at no cost to them. Parafed Youth Group has also enjoyed a fully sponsored session at Velocity Karts. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more on this and other collaborations. If your business would like to sponsor a school or charity to benefit from the programme contact Ian 3888222.



Tuesdays are pension day.  If you are 65 or over, thats all you pay on a Tuesday, 65% of a rental.  The oldest competitor at the last blokart nationals was 84 years (and the youngest 14 years) so experience something new, become a blokart sailor, bring your friends along for a gentle competition or more.  


Velocity Karts is also about family.  We offer a great outdoor fun family activity for the whole family.  If we have 3 or more generations from the one family, grandma or grandpa can sail for free.  They may be more competitive than expected so let your intra-family blokart competition start here with us at Velocity Karts.

Bexley Reserve
Pages Road (Entry opposite 499 Pages Road)
Christchurch, New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 3888 222
Mobile: 027 835 6248
GPS: -43.513147, 172.711912